Friday, January 16, 2009

Boarding the plane...

Well, I always end up saying this, but the time has passed so quickly and I "believe" I'm going to be boarding a plane tomorrow! It's a love-hate thing, if you're tracking with me. I have had an amazing time being home, with family, friends, dr. pepper, mexican food, movies, driving, church, and warm weather! I am so thankful God has provided me with a family who shows so much kindness and grace as I seem to be here and there and everywhere! I love yall so much for taking care of me and loving me even when I do have to pick up and leave again. I HATE goodbyes!. But, the reality is time always rolls back around when I get to rejoin all those amazing things. AND.... I really miss Tajikistan! I have missed all my friends, english groups, osh dinners, walking down rudaky, wearing a korta (ok, maybe not that much:) drinking indian milk tea, riding in marshrutkas (also not too much), speaking Tajik, and dancing Tajik style! It's always an adventure boarding a plane and walking through airports... we'll see how this trip unfolds. I am excited about this evening... we're toping off these last two months with a night at the Fr. Worth Stockyard Rodeo! I am Excited, to say the least! Till I return to Texas... Keep in touch!


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